Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K… during a heat wave


Yesterday, I did my July race, the Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K in Southie – put on by the L Street running club. The out and back course along the water was PERFECT in May.

However, come July 18th, at 7PM during a HEATWAVE. Let’s just say it was hot.

But I guess it wasn’t that bad – I had a time of 29:18… and I wasn’t even going for time! I just wanted to not die. I was super thankful that they had ice clothes, two water stops and this awesome guy spraying us with a garden hose.

So yeah – July is complete in my book. Looking for a smaller August race, since the next month is going to be CRAZY. So, if anyone knows of a race in the  Boston area in August, let me know!

Now? Finishing up the work week and then off to my friends bachelorette party for the weekend!

NEW – Discount Page

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new development here on The Road To A Healthy Life – there is now a discount page!

That’s right. 

I consider myself a savvy shopper, and I can’t resist a good deal on a race registration or a new pair of compression pants. So I’ve started to compile all the discounts that I know/get/come across on a single page for you guys!

Enjoy and feel free to share love.


Looking Forward

It seems like I’ve been bit by the running bug… hard. Mainly, I like going to an event and running. I like the feeling of running with a group of people and trying to beat my best. I’ve always been competitive, and even though I’m not a fast runner, my competitive side pushing me just that extra bit.

Today, I’ve been planning out my next year of races (hopefully I will have enough money/time/endurance/everything else I need) that I want to do.

And here we go:

Nov 2012: Spartan Race Sprint  Fenway Park(3+ miles)

Dec 2012: Jingle Bell Run Somerville (5K)


Feb 2013: Super Sunday 5 (5 Miler)

March 2013: Somerville St. Patrick’s Run (5K)

April 2013: Marathon Sports City Run (5 Miler), B.A.A. 5K

May 2013: Run to Remember (½ MARATHON)

June 2013: B.A.A. 10K

So far that’s all I’ve got, but that covers me for a little more than the next 6 months. Yes. I want to run a half marathon. Yes. I’m going to do it. I just have to keep telling myself that.

Someone tell me I’m not crazy?