Today… I completed 37 sections – ONE WEEK AHEAD OF MY GOAL DATE!

37 sections. 50 minutes. I wanted to just do 30. But then I got to 30, and was like “THERE ARE ONLY 7 LEFT… MIGHT AS WELL”.

I’m still super excited about having done it. It put me in a good mood for a kinda so-so Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday, and my legs are definitely looking forward to a scheduled rest day tomorrow.

I’m really happy that my mom and dad always used to tell me:

“You aren’t made out of sugar, you aren’t going to melt in the rain.”

Why? Because I got out of bed, at 5:30 am. Put my running clothes on. Put the meat and veggies in the slow cooker for some delicious dinner and headed out the door.

The result? I ran 21 sections of stairs today (1 more section than last week!) in 30 minutes, with about 100 new friends at November Project. A little rain couldn’t stop us, and at about 7:00, the sun started to come out. It was lovely.

I have two more weeks to hit my goal of 37 sections complete. Let’s get this done.

Happy Wednesday!