A Little Hip Love – 4 Poses to Help Release Tight Hips

Shakira was right… hips don’t lie. And often times, we totally ignore what our hips are telling us, until they scream.

Typically, people will realize they have tight hips when they wake up having lower back pain. Are you nodding your head? I know I am.

Your hips tend to carry the brunt of our stress and tension. And as uncomfortable as it can be to release that tension through stretching and a regular yoga practice, it’s more uncomfortable to carry that tension and stress with us every single day.

But fear not, all that hip tension CAN be worked through if you give yourself a little love. We are all guilty of sitting a little more than we should, and while we might not be able to help it due to work and commute constraints, we DO have the choice to get up, go for a walk, and do a few stretches throughout the day.

Head over to Yoga Hub to read the FULL blog post and see how you can make those hips feel a little better!

Sweat For Your Soul


You can’t make everyone happy.

You can’t make people change their minds. You can’t make people like you. You can’t make other people do a damn thing.

The one thing you have control of is what you can do.

So, my life went on a roller coaster ride on Thursday night and I let that drop control my Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then I realized something – I had just given my power to someone else.

I was letting someone else’s actions and words control my life. And when you put it that way, it seems a little silly.

So today, I decided to sweat.

I didn’t put on a fancy outfit, I didn’t go to a trendy studio.

I did a workout right in my 70s green colored basement. I streamed it, set up, and said “well, let’s just see what happens”.

And what happened?

Fucking magic.

Magic didn’t happen because it was my BEST workout.

Magic didn’t happen because I got a round of applause at the end.

Magic happened because I sweat from my soul for my soul. Because, it wasn’t about being the strongest person in the room. It wasn’t about anything else other than me getting through the workout for no one else other than me.

And just like that, a little sweat can start to heal your soul.

What are you going to do for yourself today, just to remind yourself that you are the only you out there?



WELL Summit 2018 Recap: Feel The Breeze


“Feel the breeze”

Those words seamlessly became etched on a small little business card during Nell Rueckl’s “Make Your Inner Shadow Your Game Changer” talk.

Those three words basically sum up the magical energy whirlwind that was WELL Summit 2018.

It was a weekend in Brooklyn that I truly will never forget.
It was also a weekend full of so many firsts: my first drive to NYC, my first time parallel parking in NYC, my first time going to a conference as part of an “influencer/insider” group, and my first time truly being comfortable with the idea of being fully uncomfortable.

I drove down with my giveaway winner, Molly, one of my friends Miriah, and her mom Debbie. We fueled up with a a little Remedy Exchange before we hit the road. Any hesitations I had about driving for 4.5 hours went out the window when we got on the highway.

Molly and I stayed at the McCaren Hotel, and I’m pretty sure anytime I need to go to Brooklyn, I’m going to be staying there. It was stunning, and their rooftop bar is probably the most relaxing place I’ve been too. We grabbed a drink there, and headed to Brooklyn Bowl for a bigger dinner.

On Friday, before heading to WELL Summit, we decided to get our sweat on and went to Y7 a few blocks down (and… the founder of Y7 was one of the keynote panelists for the Summit). Again, if you find yourself in NYC or LA – check out this awesome warm yoga studio that matches their flows to awesome music, and gives you the chance to flow by candle light.

After class, it was off to WELL Summit. The Brooklyn Expo center is gorgeous, and everything about the checkin process was seamless and welcoming. We did a quick lap around the market place before we met up with Miriah and Debbie for the first keynote.

The magic started right then and there.

I have a whole notebook full of notes and quotes, and I had been grappling with how to write this recap, because it could be a book.

So – I’m recapping it simply with “feel the breeze”.


Because that’s one thing that I finally was able to allow myself to do – feel the breeze when I fall, feel the breeze when I soar, feel the breeze as the energy starts whirlwinding around.

WELL Summit was 360 degrees of wellness wrapped up in a beautiful tornado of beauty, power, and excitement.

I learned so much about how to allow myself to feel, how to embrace the virtigo that happens before a big change, and how to open myself up to new opportunities.

It all kinda manifested together in our last dinner in Brooklyn together.

We had left the expo center, and Jenny (from Barefoot Yoga Shala) had run across the street to take a photo with the lululemon wall (pictured above). We were running HIGH on all the good vibes from the weekend, and decided to wander to find dinner. We said that we were going to let the energy guide us and let us know where we should go for dinner.

Enter, Scriptum Brooklyn.

Tucked away on Kent Ave, the outdoor lights caught our eye and off we went. We chose to sit outside to enjoy a little view of the water way and people watch. Our server, Hugo (who is also the Beverage Director), was the best. There really aren’t any other words to describe him. He welcomed us graciously, and made Miriah the best looking mocktail I’ve ever seen, and then told us how he made the lavender infusions for the drink earlier on. The food was out of this world – we all couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.

Here is when the magic really started to kick in. We were all thinking about dessert, so Hugo brought us the menu. We couldn’t figure out which one we wanted, and we joked about ordering one of everything. In the end, we decided not to.

So, when Hugo brought out EVERY SINGLE DESSERT ON THE MENU – we all started to laugh.

We manifested the shit out of free dessert.


Literally, we were flying high.

We couldn’t stop talking to him about WELL Summit, and about how magical it was. He laughed with us and then gave us a grand tour of the whole space. They have only been open for a little bit over a year, and have been trying to make their name known, but literally being the KINDEST people in the game.

Thank you WELL Summit for helping me “Feel the Breeze” – for letting the energy guide me, us, and teaching me how to trust my gut.

Plus, picking up some goodies from Branch Basic, Muskaan, and OY-L was an amazing perk too.

I’ve already booked my hotel for next year – so, my question to you is… are you going to be joining me? I promise you will not regret it.