My Thoughts On The Juice Cleanse

So, a few weeks ago I did a juice cleanse.

A bunch of my clients & fellow instructors had talked about having done them before, so I figured, I would give anything a shot once. I ordered the cleanse, and it came fully frozen. As I started unpacking this giant cooler box, a big wave of doubt hit me.

Will I actually be able to do this?

Blake was gone on a work trip to Europe, so I knew I wouldn’t have much temptation to eat at home. Admittedly, since it was just me, and I was going to be drinking my juice, I didn’t even go grocery shopping – just to make sure I wouldn’t give into temptation.

The idea? Drink six juices a day, for three days, and be cleansed.

I did it. I posted on my story all day every day. I didn’t cheat. I basically lived in the bathroom. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t awake. I just… was.

SO – here’s the thing.

I don’t drink a lot of juice in general. They are really sweet for me, and I just would rather drink either water or a smoothie. So, maybe I was set up to hate it from the get go, because I hate the feeling of having to brush my teeth EVERY other hour. Seriously, the inside of my mouth felt like I had ate a bag of sour patch kids without ANY of the satisfaction of eating them.


There was SO MUCH SUGAR in each of these juices. Virtually every juice had some sort of natural sugar/sweetener  added to it – agave, inulin – pushing the sugar content of some of these juices to almost 50 grams (you are supposed to drink the WHOLE bottle, even though it’s labeled as 2 servings). To give you an idea of how much sugar that is, a can of Coke has 39 grams. And we all know that Coke is the standard for “this is not a healthy thing”.

But it’s not just about the sugar.

It’s about the IDEA that we should not eat to “cleanse” ourselves. That we should chug juice and poop out 10 lbs to feel better about ourselves.

Sure, I dropped 8 lbs in 3 days.


Food is a need. Not a want. When you think about food as fuel, you eat according to what your body needs. Craving something salty? Maybe your sodium level is low. Can’t get the hankering for a huge salad out of your mind? Might need to up your fiber and iron levels. Your body is always talking to you – but a lot of the time, we choose to ignore it in favor of quick fixes.

We already have warped ideas about food and bodies – so why do we keep feeding into this?! I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I got to feel how tired my body felt without food. I’m glad I got to see how my skin broke out because of sugar. I’m HAPPY that I learned to appreciate what food can DO for me. I don’t need a juice cleanse to feel comfortable in my body.


Because, I think I actually like my body.

All I need to feel like a badass in my body is good workout, my friends and family, and maybe a glass of wine.

So, I guess in a weird way, I want to thank the juice cleanse for showing me that I don’t need to drink weird concoctions and deprive myself to feel my best.

I just need a little sweat and love.




It’s Not Greedy To Ask For What You’re Worth, Kevin


When I work from home, I love keeping the TODAY show in the background to hear about what is going on in the world.

Something different happened at 9AM though, when it switched to the Megyn Kelly show. Typically I’m typing away on email, getting things done, but something piqued my interest (and no, it wasn’t her “racing” Danica Patrick on a go kart).

Kevin O’Leary started talking about negotiations at work, and I was like “oh this is interesting, I teach negotiations, so I wonder if I can learn anything.”

The first thing out of his mouth was:

“Don’t be greedy.”

So, he now had my full attention.

I was enraged.

What came out of his mouth next shocked me even more.

“You need to know what everyone around you is getting paid. If everyone is getting paid 70K, and you are getting paid 50K, you should be ok with 65K, because you’ll know you can be happy with it.”

Slow. The. Fuck. Down.

If I know that someone else, doing the SAME job as me, with the SAME success as me, WHY should I feel guilty asking for equal pay?

Easy – I shouldn’t.

Neither should you.

In our Ladies Get Paid Negotiation Workshops – we talk a LOT about the conditioned “ick” factor that women have around asking for things for themselves. We’ve been conditioned, not to take a compliment, not to ask for more than we receive, and we’ve been told not to “brag” since bragging is “not lady like”.

Kevin O’Leary’s quip on being “greedy” feeds RIGHT into that.

No, it’s NOT greedy to ask for your value – it’s called being competitive in the market place. If you underprice yourself, you underprice your value.

You would think Kevin would know that, being a Shark on Shark Tank and all.

You are in the business of you, and when you work for a company, your business and that business work in tandem to successfully fulfill both YOUR goals and the BUSINESSES goals. When the balance is there, you can build your career at that company, and your company is successful. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

So, Kevin. I’m glad you said that on TV, and while you may have thought nothing of it, you made it NECESSARY for me to speak out. Something, that I probably wouldn’t have done a couple months ago.

You have to advocate for yourself. You have to research. You need to know what the market value is for your skills. These are all things that you can learn. But the most important part is being able to stand up for yourself, when someone like Kevin walks in.

When someone like him, who has made his millions by “being greedy”, tells you “don’t be greedy.”

Let me tell you. Don’t you DARE undervalue yourself, because of a comment that someone says.

Don’t you DARE let your mind convince you that you should be OK with making less money than your peers, for WHATEVER reason.

Don’t let guys like Kevin dictate your worth any longer.

You are the only one that really knows your worth. You are the only one that can truly advocate for yourself – no one else can do it for you.

So, Kevin, I’m glad you got your air time and your stacks of cash waiting for you at home. One of your most famous quotes is “Assholes get rich because they’re not afraid to ask for what they want.”

So readers, if you are still with me, don’t let the assholes convince you NOT to ask for your worth.  Don’t leave any money on the table, because you are “afraid” of being perceived as “greedy.”

You. Are. Worth. It.

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Spring Edition: How To Style Up When You Always Dress Down


If I’m not in the office, chances are, I’m in some version of this outfit: leggings, sneakers/boots, sweatshirt and scarf. It’s not that I don’t have any other clothes… because I do.

It often comes down to being overwhelmed with the things in my closet, and then defaulting to my safety zone – workout clothes.

So, I reached out to Kate from Sloane & Ivy for help. We’ve been collaborating on an event (Sweat + Sip + Shop – get your tickets now), and I have been obsessed with Sloane & Ivy’s instagram page. So, Kate graciously invited me over for a quick & fun styling session, where she showed me how I can get OUT of my leggings and into come cute & casual clothes that is perfect for weekends, running errands and life in general.


Look #1 


Jeans are SO hard for me to find. I have a small waist, thick thighs, and a big butt, so when Kate pulled these jeans off her Pinterest-perfect jeans bar, I didn’t have much hope. The moment I pulled these up – changed my mind INSTANTLY. As you can see from mirror, they hugged every curve, didn’t gap at the waist and hit right around my ankle (I’m 5ft 2in, FYI. They are supposed to be a little shorter than full length jeans, but #shortpeopleproblems).

The top? I loved the detailing, but also the fact that it was solid. I’m a big basics person, I enjoyed the little extra flair to the top. It was light weight without being see-through, which is also a plus. Also, I totally enjoyed how it highlighted my shoulders

Look #2

Kate hit the nail on the head with this outfit. This is completely my style, with just a little extra umph. The tank top is SO soft, and the side cut out and small cut out around the neck make is so unique, while still being casual. Elevated casual, if you will? Again, these are the same brand of jeans, this time, with a little distressing on the knee and by the side pockets. If you take anything away from this blog post, it’s that Sloane & Ivy has amazing jeans and you need to run over to Wellesley and get a pair.

Look #2.5


As Kate was snapping these photos, this camo oversized shirt/jacket caught my eye, and magically made it’s way on me. And then magically made it’s way home with me.

It’s so comfortable, and it’s perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming spring days, when you don’t want to wear a winter coat, but you need to wear something. So, look #2.5 is basically going to be my go-to transition outfit for the upcoming spring. Plus, I can throw the camo jacket over my leggings and workout top and it might make it look more “street” style than “sweat” style.

Look #3


Fact: I LOVE high neck shirts. I think it comes from always seeing my mom wear high neck shirts, and my mom is one of the most stylish people I know. The moment I slipped it on, I felt comfortable and stylish. Kate added on this amazing necklace. One of the amazing things that Kate does is support other local businesses, so all her jewelry is created by women-owned businesses in Wellesley, Newton and other local towns.

It fit perfectly. The shirt is slightly shorter, which is perfect for me, since it hits right around the jean belt line. It has an uneven bottom, which again, adds a little bit of flair to something that can and should be a closet staple. Paired with the distressed ankle jeans, I would put this on before heading out to lunch with Blake, or basically out anywhere.

Look #4


In the summertime, if I’m not in workout clothes, I’m in dresses. This was the FIRST thing that Kate pulled for me when I walked in, and I saved it for last. This dress was so soft and hung so nicely. This will be perfect once the temperatures start to get above 60F consistently. You can pair this with a jean jacket, leather jacket, sweater, cute sandals or funky heels to really change it up. Why can’t you see my feet? Well, this girl only brought boots & workout shoes….soooo nothing that QUITE matched.

An hour later of chatting about our lives, businesses and putting the final details on our event – I walked out of the store with some new pieces and a TON of new knowledge on how to style up this spring. My next personal challenge will be to be more mindful about my closet and what I wear – focusing on basics and pieces that really make me feel good. I can already tell that these pieces will be the foundations of what will be a super strong wardrobe for this new 30 year old.

Want to visit? Make sure to buy a ticket to the Sweat + Sip + Shop event on 4/14… not only will you get to workout with me, you’ll also get a discount to shop at Sloane & Ivy post event!

Hope to see you there and HAPPY FRIDAY!