The best baby spoons, bowls, and suction plates to make weaning fun

Best baby spoons bowls and plates

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When it’s time to start weaning your baby, you will want to choose the best baby weaning products such as baby spoons, bowls and plates available. Specifically designed baby tableware will make all the difference to your weaning journey. They will support your baby's development and prevent any mealtime mishaps.

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Weaning can be a stressful time for both parent and baby. So choosing the right products will make your life much easier. Having the right dinnerware for your little one can make feeding your baby a much more relaxed situation.

What to look for in your baby's tableware

You'll want to choose spoons, bowls, and plates that are designed not to break when your baby throws them onto the floor (which undoubtedly WILL happen).

It’s a good idea to choose non-slip bowls and plates with suction; this not only will help prevent them from ending up on the floor, but also help your baby once they start baby-led weaning to keep their dinnerware in place.

You will want to choose spoons that are light and small as they will be easier for baby to grip onto them with their small fingers. It is also a good idea to have utensils that are made from BPA-free plastic or silicone. This is in case your little one decides they would rather chew on them than use them to eat.

You should always choose baby products in the correct recommended age range and size. This is to make sure there is enough room for the right amount of food your little one needs. It's also wise to check for washing, warming, and freezing directions. Checking will help to make baby's plates, bowls and cutlery last. You can also see whether they will suit their favourite meals and your lifestyle.

Below we have selected the best spoons, bowls, and plates for babies and toddlers to make mealtimes easier for both of you. In fun colours and designs, these options are sure to keep your baby captivated during the weaning process.

The best baby spoons, bowls, and suction plates

Babymoov Babybols Multiset
Price: £22.99
Alternative retailers
Boots£24.99View offer


The Babymoov Babybols Multiset is all you need for on-the-go feeding and storing your baby's food.

Mother&Baby Awards 2020 Shortlisted
EasyMat Mini Portable Silicone Baby Suction Plate
Price: £16.99


Shortlisted for Best Weaning Product at the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards

The EasyMat Mini Portable

Qshare Silicone Bowls
Price: £11


This plate has a unique design in bright colours to make mealtime more fun for your little one.

Munchkin 10 Piece Bowl and Spoon Set

Rrp: £11.49

Price: £5.5


A 10-piece set that includes four bowls with lids and two soft-tip spoons to make your life easier

Munchkin Love Suction Bowls
Price: £8.5
Alternative retailers
John Lewis & Partners£10.99View offer
Boots£10.99View offer


These redesigned bowls come with a larger and stronger suction base which creates a firm hold.

Bronze Award Winner 2019
bamboo bamboo ® Baby Bowls
Price: £16.99


Bronze Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards

This is a natural

Tiny Dining x6 Children's Bamboo Soft Tip Silicone Spoons
Price: £11


This set of six silicone baby spoons is made with natural bamboo fibre and anti-bacterial soft

Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons, Pack of 6

Rrp: £4.99

Price: £3


Munchkin made this set focusing on baby mouths and sensitive gums, so they feel very gentle. These

Tommee Tippee Easigrip™ Self-Feeding Weaning Spoons
Price: £3.8


Tommee Tippee has been a popular choice for parents for generations. This pack of five spoons

Tommee Tippee Weaning Kit

Rrp: £14.99

Price: £12.99
Alternative retailers
John Lewis & Partners£14.99View offer
Currys£14.99View offer


Containing everything your baby will need to start their weaning journey, this fun kit includes

Munchkin 4 Count Raise Toddler Fork and Spoon

Rrp: £18.38

Price: £17.75


If you think your tot would prefer to try eating with a fork, these easy-grip forks and spoons are



These silicone 'chewtensils' have been designed for your baby to chew on, helping to stimulate the

Mother&Baby Awards 2021 Shortlisted
Bamboo Bamboo ® Unicorn Suction Plate
Price: £18.99


Shortlisted Best Toddler Food Range/Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards

This adorable

Gold Winner Mother&Baby Awards 2021
Vital Baby Nourish Power Suction Plate
Price: £6.72
Alternative retailers
John Lewis & Partners£6.99View offer


**Gold Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2021 Mother&**Baby Awards

The weaning and

Bronze Winner Mother&Baby Awards 2021


Bronze Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards

Mealtimes are about

Gold Winner Mother&Baby Awards 2020
Munchkin Colour Me Hungry Dining Gift Set
Price: £39.61


Gold Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2020 Mother&Baby Awards

Munchkin's Colour Me

Silver Winner Mother&Baby Awards 2019
Doddl Cutlery Set for Children
Price: £16.95


Silver Winner for Best Weaning Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards

This cutlery set helps

Mother&Baby 2019 Shortlisted
TUM TUM Baby Weaning Set
Price: £29.99
Alternative retailers
Robert Dyas£34.99View offer


Shortlisted Best Weaning Product at the 2019 Mother&Baby Awards

Allowing babies to feed

Mother&Baby 2015 Shortlisted


Shortlisted for Best Weaning Product at the 2015 Mother&Baby Awards

Munchkin White Hot Safety

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